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Kening striid

Historical Medieval Battle (HMB)

Kening Striid is a rather young modern sport, full contact fighting with the use of offensive and defensive weapons characteristic of the Middle Ages. Specifically the armour and weapons must be of the style from the dates 1200 to 1699, with location irrelevant. HMB is a full contact fighting on steel blunt weapons. Fighters are dressed in full armor, which, like the weapons, is made according to historical standards. One person's full set of armour must originate from the same place and within a fifty-year time span. Blows may be aimed at any parts of the body (with the limitations set in the regulations); both wrestling and percussive techniques are permitted.
Unlike staged battles, that can be seen at festivals of historical reenactment of the Middle Ages, the battles are held in full contact, are refereed by the referees who have special training and combat experience.
Historical medieval battle is a sporting component of historical reenactment of the Middle Ages. Battles of the athletes usually take place at festivals of historical reenactment. The main competition for the fighters practitising them, has recently become "Battle of the Nations", an international championship on historical medieval battle.
The main idea of this element of reenactment is, on the one hand, the maximum competitive component for the participants, on the other - an opportunity to test the historical equipment in conditions close to a real combat. Therefore, to participate in battles one needs equipment that once really existed.
In order to reduce injuries the equipment is thoroughly checked before battles, all the weapons are blunt.
Unlike historical fencing, historical medieval battle takes a lot from modern martial arts, with wrestling technique as an important component, which is not forbidden, and even mandatory.

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In addition to the two other 1v1 (Sword & Shield and Poleaxe) at Kening Striid a new catagory is added to the program.https://keningstriid.com/formsb is a direct link i you want to regiser f…

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The new site of Kening Striid is live and the application forms have been improved.In the top left we added a link to the site of imaginarium. Below are links to facebook. More updates soon, so keep checkin…

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