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Kening striid

Buhurt League Open 2018 (HMB Tourmanent)

Kening Striid, the first and biggest Buhurt League HMB tournament in the Netherlands, where fighters from all over Europe compete to find out Who Will Rule.
In the sport Historical Medieval Combat, fighters face eachother in the list (arena) where they fight in medieval armour, using medieval (rebated) weapons. Unlike showfights often shown on medieval fairs and fantasy festivals, the outcome of these battles are not known. Anything can happen, be it in the spectacular melees, also known as Buhurts, where teams of fighters work to take down the fighters of the opposing team. Or the duel categories, where one fighter faces one other fighter and tries to score points by hitting his or her opponent with strong, clear strikes.
The first edition in 2017 drew 8 men's buhurt teams from four different countries. In a glorious series of wins we saw White Company from the United Kingdom take the Buhurt Crown. Little did we know, on that first day, that the Danish Sisterhood would do the same for the women's 3 versus 3.
Three categories of duels were fought in the Frisian lists. White Company from the UK ruled suppreme in the men's categories, crowning Lukas Kowal the king of each and every category. The women's duels crowned not one but two queens. Denise Scheltinga surprisingly took the gold in her first ever Sword and Shield tournament and Jo Booth was crowned the queen of Longsword.
2018 promises to be even bigger. Better. With more fighters, more categories, more fights. Last year's champions will be back to defend their crowns. New challengers appear in the list. Those bested last year take another shot at the gold.
The 2018 edition will take place on 18 and 19 august 2018. Buy your tickets to the Imaginarium festival to watch Kening Striid. Join us again to find out ... Who Will Rule.

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Keningstriid 2017 Ramstäk Frisia 2 vs. Lions of Steel

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Det Frie Kompagni - Kening Striid 2017



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KeningStriid 2017

KeningStriid 2017

KeningStriid 2017



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About HMB

HMB, or Historical Medieval Battles, is a young full contact martial art that first appeared in the Netherlands in 2015. It has been around in Europe since the late 90's, beginning as an after-hours sporting element for the participants of reenactment battles. It has since grown and developend substantially under the wings of the HMBIA, the International Association.
HMB is practiced by athletes wearing stylyzed medieval armours and using rebated medieval weapons. It knows several categories, each governed by its own ruleset. The fight is overseen by marshals, who can be recognized by their yellow attire.

Buhurts, or Melees, are the teamsport category within HMB. They may take the shape of 5 versus 5, 21 versus 21 or any other team size, depending on the tournament, with 5v5 being the most popular. Due to smaller numbers of fighters, the women's league often sees fights in the 3v3 category.
The main aim in a buhurt match is to take out the fighters of the opposing team by bringing them to the ground. The moment a fighter his the ground with a third point of support (knee, elbows, buttocks etc.) he or she is out of the game. The first team to take out all opposing fighters wins the round. Whichever team first wins two rounds, wins the match.
Fighters may use an array of techniques to take out their opponents in a buhurt match, such as weapon strikes, kicks, throws, punches, wrestling techniques etc. Prohibited techniques include thrusting with the blade, striking the bak of the knee or the base of the neck and locking joints.

In the various duels categories, a single fighter takes on one opponent. The aim in duels is to score as many points as possible within a set time (Most duel categories) or to score five points before the opponent does the same (Sword and Buckler category).
Points are only counted when they are made with the sharp of the blade (not the flat) and unblocked by either a shield or the opponents weapon. In addition, a hit must be strong enough to be counted.
The equipment fighters use varies from category to category. In the Sword and Shield category, fighters use a one-handed arming sword in combination with a shield (can be any historically accurate shape) up to 70cm. In Sword and Buckkler, fighters use the same one-handed arming sword with a buckler (a small shield, no more than 30cm in diameter). Longsword duels are fought using only a two-handed sword. In polearm duels, fighters use a two handed, hafted weapon.

A special duels category is the Triathlon category, which is made up of three rounds with a different set of weapons for each round. Triathlon fighters must master every set to excel at Triathlon. Here too, whoever wins two rounds out of three, wins the match.

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