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Kening Striid 2019


Kening Striid 2019 - Registration open!

Fighters! We once again invite you to sign up for our tournament on 17 and 18 august 2019.
Kening Striid is the Buhurt League Masters tournament of the Western European Conference! The one team that rules them all will earn their spot at the magnificent Buhurt Prime tournament at the end of the season and, of course, that coveted crown.
This form serves as your initial sign up. Further details will be discussed with the captain or contact person later on. We're looking forward to welcoming you in the beautiful village of Tytsjerk in August, where we will find out #WhoWillRule.


The Men's 5v5 category is full.
You can still sign up for women's 5v5.
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Bert Wielstra
+31 6 48 08 27 64

Esther Veldstra
+ 31 6 1128 8378


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9255 JB Tytsjerk