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1v1 Sword & Shield

"We have reached the maximum number of participants for men's sword and shield.
You are free to sign up as a reserve fighter, but we can't guarantee you'll be able to particpate."


Registration Kening Striid is open.

There can only be one who rules them all
Fighters! We re-invite you to join our official HMBIA OPEN Tournament on 17-18-19 August 2018. Categories: buhurt men 5v5, ladies 5v5 and the HMBIA duel categorie sword & shield. Where? Tietjerk, close to Leeuwarden. Just over an hour from Amsterdam. We are happy to pick you up from Groningen Eelde airport or Leeuwarden train station. We offer space for authentic Camps close to the list and plastic Camps a bit further away. If you are unable to bring a tent, we will happily offer you a place to sleep in our big tent. And since we know that it can be little things that make a big difference: breakfast will be served for €4,- to make sure you won't fight on an empty stomach, personal fighters WiFi, electricity, a dry and shady waiting area, hottubs etc. We Dutch would like to share this historical event with you by offering the best of Dutch hospitality. Sign up and we hope to see you in Tietjerk in August. And we will find out #whowillrule #again


Breakfast package at €4,- p/p

No accomodation

Own authentic camp
Own plastic camp
Big tent (by Kening Striid)

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Esther Veldstra
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